I will fix your vocal recording

fix your vocal recording

About This Gig

I will Make your vocal track clean with EQ,

Gate out breathy parts, bring the sibilance under control (Essy parts) 

edit the plosives (popping noises)

equalize the volume with a compressor (control the shouty parts and quiet parts),

Correct the Pitch and timing with expensive Melodyne software.

Optionally add HQ reverb or provide reverb on a separate track to mix in.

Optionally produce realistic 3rd 4th 5th +1 -1 harmonies with Melodyne and a mixture of vocalizing detune plugins or just add lots of doubling.

See my other Gigs for full music production.


Order Details

1 day delivery 5 Revisions

Vocal Production

PolishedVocals EQ'd, Compression, Pitch correction, Melodyne,

  • Separated Tracks / Stems
  • Up to 240 Seconds
  • 1 Instrument
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use