I will fix your CSS problem

fix your CSS problem
fix your CSS problem
fix your CSS problem

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Description One element fixed Fix the page CSS Hero
  I will fix any CSS problem with one element on your site. Don't know which element is causing the problem? Just send me the page and I'll fix it for you. I'm your CSS hero for a day. Send me all your CSS problems and I'll devote 8 hours to fixing them.
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 1 unlimited
Delivery Time 1 day 2 days 2 days

About This Gig

Are you frustrated by the location of a menu item, image, or other element on your site?

Don't waste your whole day fighting with CSS only to have this task on your todo list tomorrow.

Send me your CSS problem and I'll get it fixed fast.

You know how some people are just good at things that frustrate others, well that's me with CSS. Friends regularly ask me to help them fix CSS problems they have struggled with for hours - sometimes days - and I find the solution in a fraction of the time.

Keep your sanity and let me help you with any CSS problems that come up.

All you need to do is send me a link to the page where you're running into trouble with CSS. I will take care of it from there. Before you know it, the CSS problem you are struggling with will be solved and your site will look great, so you can move on to more important things.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a single element is for the basic gig?
    Take a look at your page and pick out a button, menu, border, icon, or other item on the page. That's a single element. Another example, from this page, would be the Fiverr logo or the Order Now button - these are each single elements.
  • What is a page of CSS problems?
    This refers to a single web page, or one URL. This is not a written list of problems, rather it's all the problems on one page of your website.
  • How much can be done with a CSS Hero for a day?
    You'll have up to 8 hours of my time dedicated to your CSS projects. Each time I knock out one problem, I'll get started on the next. I will keep working until your list of problems is exhausted, or the allotted 8 hours has expired.
  • My website has lots of CSS problems. What should I order?
    If you have lots of CSS problems throughout your site, it's best to order the CSS Hero package. This will get you the best value for your money by tackling all the problems at once, and in a single day.