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color grade your video
color grade your video

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Description color grading one clip color grading 5 short clips Color grading 10 clips
  Price of color grading one clip (one shot), no cuts whatsoever. Max resolution: 1920x1080 (full HD) 5 different clips, that don't extend 30 seconds when put together. Max res: 1920x1080 (full HD) 10 clips, no matter how long they are. max res: 1920x1080 (full HD)
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About This Gig

Why is color important in your project?
Color is one of the most important aspects of videos. Whether you're working on a short film, commercial or just a vacation video, having good color grading will increase the quality of your project and make it look a lot more professional. The colors that you use have a strong impact on your video, from the basics such as setting the adequate mood all the way to subtle psychological changes in your film. Color grading requires the colorist to have both; knowledge and a good taste, in order to achieve a high quality result. I believe I meet that requirement.
My video is a small project, should I still get it color graded?
Definitely! Like I said, colors are a great form of film language to transmit different feelings and emotions to your audience. Even if your project is a simple vacation video shot with your phone, you can still have its production value increased by color grading. If you have a shot of a beach on a hot sunny day, why not make it look like paradise, with a blue sky and dreamy tones? Or perhaps you're making a thriller, the colors would then be very different!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should you choose me?
    I am a young and passionate film school student from Poland, the home to some of the biggest masterpieces in the history of cinema. I have a lot of knowledge and experience; I study about films and I make them, too!
  • What software do I use?
    I only use software that I have a legal license to. Currently I color grade in Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve, one of the most advanced color grading tools available on the market right now.