I will create an appealing clickbait thumbnail

create an appealing clickbait thumbnail
create an appealing clickbait thumbnail
create an appealing clickbait thumbnail

About This Gig

Hello! :)
First of all: Thank you for checking out my gig! :D I truly appreaciate it.

In this gig, I will:
Crate 3 appealing thumbnails with a chosen "level of clickbait" for your youtube (or other social media) videos. I will specialize the thumbnails according to the video in question and (of course) your personal preferences. You will of course be able to contact me here on fiverr so we can discuss things further if needed. I will add things such as text (with appealing designs and colors), emoticons, blurring, lighting effects, images, etc. I can start off on a plain thumbnail image or any image of your choice (for example a screenshot from your video). Note that I make these thumbnails in my own style, if you want a special thumbnail, contact me here on Fiverr before ordering so we can discuss it! Full details will come with the order. :)

Avivable file formats:
  • JPEG
  • PNG (Recommended)
  • BMP

Please contact me before ordering! :)

Thanks again and have an outstanding day! :D

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Youtube video thumbnail

I will create 3 youtube thumbnails (in my style) with a chosen "clickbait level".

Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your experiences with thumbnail editing?
    I've been working with youtube for a very long time and therefore I have also made a lot of thumbnails. I've also been doing a lot of graphic work (both as a hobby and freelance job) earlier.
  • What is "Clickbait"?
    "Clickbait" is basicly the social term for an over-appealing title/thumbnail made to "trick" people into viewing the content in question. In this gig, I can use clickbait to get more people to view your video. Remember, it doesn't have to be lying, visual appeal can do a lot!
  • Can you make more than 3 thumbnails for me?
    Yes, of course! If I have the time, I would be very happy to take up a bigger project. Just contact me here on Fiverr!
  • I have another question about the gig or something realted to it. What do I do?
    Just contact me here on Fiverr! :) I will not only answer questions about the gig, I'd be happy to answer other questions about thumbnails and similar if I can!