I will translate English to Portuguese and vice versa

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translate English to Portuguese and vice versa
translate English to Portuguese and vice versa
translate English to Portuguese and vice versa

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Description Short Medium Long
  1500 (or less) - 3500 words | 1 day 3500 - 6500 words | 3 days or less 6500 words or more | 5 days or more
Seller will proofread, correct and revise the transcribed text
Delivery time 1 day 3 days 5 days
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This Package includes 1500 words. For each additional 1000 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 3500 words. For each additional 1000 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 6500 words. For each additional 1000 words, the price is $5.
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About This Gig

  • Absolutely comfortable with Brazilian Portuguese!
  • Perfect rating of 5.0!

  • 1500 words = 5$ [Basic gig]
  • 2500 words = 10$ [Basic gig + 5$ for every 1000 words]
  • 3500 words = 15$
  • 4500 words = 20$
  • 5500 words = 25$
  • 6500 words = 30$
  • 7500 words = 35$
  • ...

Far-reaching experience in translating EN-PT, granted by years of daily journalistic work.

Qualified to translate any type of document:
  • no matter how intricate its content is;
  • the document's professional field;

I'm particularly skilled in the following fields:
  • Marketing;
  • Advertising;
  • Gaming;
  • Journalism [Politics; Cultural; Sports], 
  • Education;
  • Science;
  • Linguistics;
  • Food & Health,

I'll do it:
  • quickly & promptly;
  • with proper and efficient grammatical correctness;

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you translate to Brazilian Portuguese as well?
    Yes, I do! Actually, I can honestly say that at least 50% of my customers request Brazilian Portuguese, which is absolutely fine with me. Fortunately, I have spent quite some time in Brazil and have friends there. :)
  • I'm not sure about the differences between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Can you help me?
    It'd be rather easy to compare with British and American English. However, the differences sometimes are a bit more challenging: a Brazilian may have a tough time to understand some PT expressions and vice versa. If you want to reach a wider market, always go with Brazilian Portuguese!
  • Do you only have these small, medium and long packages? My document doesn't fit any!
    No, not at all! :) I can deal with 100 and 100.000-word documents. Packages are a 'making life easier' feature, but if you're unsure about the option you should click, send me a message and I'll set a custom offer for you in no time!
  • Are you familiar with HTML and its strings?
    Yes, absolutely! A good share of my translations involves HTML strings and I'm aware of what should and should not be translated when it comes to markup languages.
  • Will you maintain the structure and formatting of my file?
    I always keep the structure untouched: - Bold, italic and underlined words; - The font and its size; - The number of paragraphs; - Quotation marks; - Bulleted lists; - Etc.; PDF files sometimes are a bit trickier than the usual, but I will always let you know about that beforehand! :)
  • Do you work with this software called Poedit?
    Oh, the perks of being a translator! :) Yes, I do work with Poedit and I have its full version, so I can also know the document's word count, among other features.