I will repair your damaged audio files for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
repair your damaged  audio files
repair your damaged  audio files

About This Gig

We will repair your damaged audio files and salvage unusable audio 

Do you have any audio files that you think are unusable ? due to pops clicks background noise? Have you recorded that perfect take only to find out in post that there are parts or whole sections that you just can't use due to digital clipping poor mic technique or background noise like cell phones machine noise or static that render your takes otherwise useless or not acceptable for professional quality audio?
                                      No worries! 
We can save that precious take saving your audio and loss of income and time spent due to re recording let me save your audio tracks from hitting the cutting room floor! We are experts at repairing audio files for musicians, recording studios and movie post production houses that would otherwise be forced to spend time money and valuable resources to re record or cut audio that has been compromised by less than ideal situations or technical problems that don't show up until post production. 

DON'T scrap that take we can repair many problems that most see as impossible.  
5 dollars gets you 1min of basic audio repair per track msg us for details