I will watermark 1000 images for your Craigslist pictures

watermark 1000 images for your Craigslist pictures

About This Gig

Are you tired of Craigslist taking down your ads because you're either keyword spamming, inserting Urls/phone numbers, or using the same photos over and over again?

A much easier way is to alter the EXIF info of the photo and add a watermark of the information you would like placed in the photo. 

For $5
  • I will watermark 1000 images with a phone number or URL of your choice. 
  • You get to pick the location, size, opacity, color of the watermark.
  • I will even do up to different watermarks to really change it up. 

For the First 20 Customers:

I will I will also convert the images into a different image type if you would like, whether you need .jpg , .bmp , .gif , .png , .pdf , etc.
will I will rename the files in a way you would like(some limitations)

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