I will professionally speed optimise your WordPress website

professionally speed optimise your WordPress website

About This Gig

As a professional coder with over 10 years experience working on WordPress websites, one service my agency offers is WordPress speed optimisation.

Why does your WordPress website need this?

Too often I come across websites that may look great but underneath are not performing as they should, something that Google and other search engines take into account when ranking any site.

Other benefits also include: 

  • Higher opt in rates
  • Higher Click-through rates
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher avg. time on site
  • Higher conversation on sales pages
  • Higher rankings in SERPs
  • Improved user experience 

I can improve your Google Page Speed score, GT Metrix and Pingdom speed (all standard industry measures of evaluating website speed).

Each website is unique and will require me to take a look at it first before putting together a tailored Speed Optimisation package.

Whilst plugins may be used, coding is usually also required and I will need access to the WordPress admin panel and Control Panel.

Get in touch and give your WordPress site a professional Speed Optimisation today.

Order Details

WordPress Optimisation

- WordPress website assessment - Tailored Speed Optimisation plan for your website

5 days delivery