I will professionally edit and proofread your website

professionally edit and proofread your website

About This Gig

Just one mistake can ruin the credibility of your website.

You will receive a Word document containing all of the text on your site. I use the Track Changes feature of Word so that you can see all of my suggested edits. You will be able to quickly locate and fix the errors on your website.

Please contact me before ordering. This will enable me to view your site and confirm the price. Orders received without prior contact will be cancelled. 

Basic Gig: Proofread up to 500 words. I will find and correct all errors.
I will expertly proofread your website to locate and correct all errors. This includes spelling, punctuation and light copy editing. My basic gig includes a maximum of 5 pages.

Gig extra: Copy Edit up to 500 words.
I will improve your grammar and sentence structure so that your website is clear and easy to read. If you are not a confident writer or if English is your second language, you definitely need copy editing. Your website will be professional, clear and easy to read.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I respond to all queries.


Order Details

3 days delivery

Proofread website

Proofread and edit website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you edit text that was written by someone who has learned English as a second language?
    Yes, if I can understand the language. However, I do not rewrite text, so if the language is difficult to understand I will politely decline.
  • Do you proofread or edit "English" that was produced by translation software?
    No I don't. Current translation software can only produce meaningless, jumbled English words. It cannot produce English that can be understood. Using translated text for business or academic purposes is a very big mistake.