I will record a female voiceover in Spanish professionally

record a female voiceover in Spanish professionally
record a female voiceover in Spanish professionally
record a female voiceover in Spanish professionally
Excelente trabajo y disposición a realizar cambios. Muy recomendable.
Reviewed by tourmaps about 21 hours ago
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excellent job , very responsible for the work , glad to find her for making my voice over
Reviewed by amirtadrisi 17 days ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by frismo 3 days ago
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record a female voiceover in Spanish professionally
record a female voiceover in Spanish professionally
record a female voiceover in Spanish professionally

About This Gig

I will record a feminine voiceover in Spanish of up to 100 words for commercials, audio books, tutorials, presentations, videos and more.

I am a professional voiceover artist and radio presenter. My voice is feminine, youthful, versatile, in a neutral but educated Latin American accent.

I can narrate your script in many styles including business, energising, dynamic, natural, sensual, happy or relaxing.

Check out my demo portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/gabyota-2/demo-collage

For $5 you’ll get: 

  • PROFESSIONAL recording and editing of up to 100 words
  • Excellent pronunciation y vocalization 
  • Script proofreading
  • 3 days delivery
  • Recording in any of these formats: mp3, wav, ogg, o aiff
  • Corrections BEFORE the order is completed
  • Check out my extras for other services!

I guarantee a fast and professional voiceover service!

Terms of Service 

  1. Send your script in Spanish, as well as your project instructions. 
  2. Translations from English to Spanish attract additional time for delivery and extra fees. 
  3. Corrections available BEFORE marking the order as complete.
  4. I do sensual voices but I do not do sexual content. 

        I will be the official voice of your business, agency or project.

Order Details

Female Voice Over in Spanish

I will do a professional female voiceover recording in SPANISH

  • Up to 100 Words
  • 1 Style
  • Script Proofreading
3 days delivery 2 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you record in English?
    No, I can't. I would love to, but my pronunciation is not as good as my written English. Trust me, you don't want me to record in English. But I will do a darn great voiceover in Spanish for you. :-)
  • Do you do character impersonations or character voices?
    Generally, no. However, let me know what your voiceover needs are, and I will let you know if I can do it. I just want to make sure you are happy with my work. If I cannot do it professionally, I do not want your money. You gotta be happy with my work, right?
  • Do you take work outside Fiverr with more work guaranteed?
    No, I don't. I comply with Fiverr's rules, and working outside of Fiverr is against the rules. But if you want to negotiate a better price based on bulk quantity, talk to me, and I will see how I look after you. :-)
  • Do you do Spaniard accents?
    No. I'm not into the Z, Z, Z Iberian accent. I just can't do it. It doesn't come up naturally. But I do neutral, educated, young adult Latin American accented voiceover.
  • Do you do whiteboard video presentations?
    I'm glad you asked! As a matter of fact, yes I do! I offer the whiteboard video presentation service in a separate gig. Message me with your requirements and I will be happy to do a quote for you!
  • Do you do esoteric, mystical, witchcraft recordings?
    No. While I respect everyone's freedom of religion, worship or even lack of religious conviction, I also have my own faith and belief. Doing that type of work goes against my religious beliefs and I couldn't provide a professional service if my heart is not with your project. Not fair on you.
  • Can I write to you in Spanish?
    Por supuesto! Unfortantely Fiverr no longer supports advertising gigs in Spanish. So, I had to change this gig into English. But if Spanish is your preferred language, ESCRÍBAME y yo le contesto!
  • Do you accept tips?
    Absolutely! I am always very grateful if receiving extra appreciation by way of tips! (But only if you are happy with my work!) I put my best into your project. I do my work with love and dedication for my customers. It feels great when my customers love me back. Thank you!