I will be honest with you about your website

be honest with you about your website
be honest with you about your website

About This Gig

Is your website doing and saying what you think it is?

You might be surprised how your site hits an outsider looking in.
Sometimes what YOU "see" is not what your visitors "get" --- literally and figuratively. 

It's a challenge to translate the essence of your business effectively to a website, and, most business owners are simply too close to the subject matter to be objective about whether or not they've hit the mark. A website may be visually appealing or have cool features, but that doesn't mean it's doing what you need. 

I'll take a spin through your website and provide commentary on easy to miss common issues including:

  • Logistics and navigation
  • Consistency of messaging and facts
  • Realistic positioning in the market place
  • Target audience and whether or not you are speaking to them
  • Quality and effectiveness  of graphics, photos, writing
  • If you have used a template, are you forcing square pegs into round holes?
  • Missing information or areas that could be strengthened/added

Please DO NOT place orders for:  school assignments or competitions, or these businesses: Pyramid, Multi-level, Network marketing "Make Money from Home" or "Be Your Own Boss. I will cancel  orders in these categories.