I will create a MIDI of any song

create a MIDI of any song

About This Gig


I can create a midi of any song you want

for basic gig $5 I will do just one full part from the song,for example main lead,bassline,vocals melody.  (Not a full piano song) 

  • For a full song in midi,with unlimited instruments,please check my gig extras.
  • For a full piano song in midi, with all notes,incl velocity,please check my gig extras.
  • For a full song in midi,over 6 min,please check my gig extras.

Just send me the song you want me to create as midi: in mp3, or a link to the song on spotify/link to youtube

Order Details

5 days delivery

create MIDI of any song

for basic gig $5 I will do just one full part from the song,for example main lead,bassline,vocals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the MIDI be in same arrangement as original?
    Yes,it will be exactly the same arrangement as original.
  • Can you convert the MIDI to sound as close as possible to the original?
    Yes,Im always programming it so it sounds so close to the original as possible.
  • Why does the MIDI sound different on my other computer?
    About midi "sound"/General Midi, it may sound different on different computers,based on os/soundcard etc.