I will open your energy to greater abundance and prosperity

open your energy to greater abundance and prosperity

About This Gig

It's sad and painful to watch people struggle with money. But sometimes, the answer is not what you expect. You can create subtle changes in your energy field that can change how you relate to money, and how much of it you can attract. One way to do this is to bring more luxury and decadence into your life, swiftly and frequently. But I know what you're thinking..."But how can I afford decadence if I'm broke?" Consider that "broke" begins as a state of mind. I can show you how to add luxury and decadence into your life WITHOUT spending. This helps to shift your state of mind, so you allow yourself to attract more prosperity, more abundance, more of all good things. Countless authors and teachers have explained how the Law of Attraction works, but few people can master it effectively. For $5 I will give you two tools to be used as often as you like, to lift your energetic vibration around money. It can be used by anyone, simply & easily. All you do is watch or listen, and you will quickly begin to raise your vibration. If you purchase the Extra I will give you access to the full ONE YEAR course called Decadence 2.0. Using the tools in this course, you will easily attract more.