I will conducting live surveys for you product

conducting live surveys for you product

About This Gig

I will conduct a live survey, questionnaire or interview for whatever your product is . If it is music.. I will have people listen to your music and record their feedback either written, audio, or video recorded ( your choice!) If you have a blog... I will have people view your blog and your content and give their live feedback. If you are an actor or dancer and want real suggestions and commentary on your performance, send me a link or recording of your work and I will share it with others and record there responses to it! Artwork, Clothing, Articles, Photography, literally anything ! I can also direct the survey to a specific demography , if you'd like, pre-teens, college students, adults, African-American, Caucasian, etc... 

Working with me will not only give you a real understanding of what other people truly think about your product, but it will also help to advertise it ! 

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5 days delivery 2 Revisions

Surveys, Interviews, Questionnaires

I will record a live survey of your choice to the demographic of your choice.

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