I will create an explainer video animation

create an explainer video animation
create an explainer video animation
create an explainer video animation
create an explainer video animation
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About This Gig

NOTE: You must contact me prior to ordering using only the script format I've provided above.

Download blank script here: https://we.tl/3sc1k13AGm
(WeTransfer is a Fiverr approved website)

ANIMATION STYLE: Super Cool Characters Library 

Animation is limited to characters, props, backgrounds and animations in library. If your script or idea requires custom work not in the library, you can purchase a gig extra for custom work or I can offer alternative solutions using the library assets.


  • How long your video will be
  • A script or storyboard
    Download script here: https://we.tl/3sc1k13AGm
  • Any assets and audio you want included in your video


Assets in library:

Each second of animation is $5
Each character action or pose is $5. (standing, waving, sitting, walking, pointing etc etc)

Assets not in library: 

character - $25 each
background - $25 each
prop - $5 each


Additional revision rounds: $25


Choose from 3: 

Voice Overs are $25 per 50 words.

Please read FAQ below!

Order Details

Super Cool Characters

Full HD explainer video, animation or artwork using the Super Cool Characters library.

  • 5 Seconds Running Time
3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes your animation service different?
    I am the ONLY seller on Fiverr that is a true animator. 99.9% of sellers (even the Top Rated) use premade libraries created by animators like me. They CANNOT create custom assets. They are limited to using only what the library has. I can draw and animate ANYTHING you need.
  • What are Library Assets?
    The style of animation you see has a library with select characters, props and backgrounds already created. Each character has a specific amount of poses and actions already animated to save you on cost. Most of these assets can be used creatively to interpret your script.
  • What if the library doesn't have animations or characters I need?
    If your script requires a certain character, animation, prop or background that has not been created, you can order a custom extra and I will create what you need from scratch. No other seller on Fiverr offers this service!