I will give you an Original Italian Tarot Card Reading

give you an Original Italian Tarot Card Reading

About This Gig

The real Italian tarot card reading! Remember, tarots are born in Italy!

If you want to know what the future has in program for you, ask the fortune teller for a complete tarot card reading! He will read tarots to you, answering up to 2 questions you may submit.

Fast answer, in just a few hours.

I offer tarot card readings for these requests:

  • Past, present or Future
  • Family and/or friends
  • Relationships and love
  • Health
  • Money and job
  • Problems


I will send you my tarot card reading as a text message in reply to your order, answering your two questions.

If you want more answers, you can order the extra for $10, giving you 4 more questions to ask. If you want daily readings for a complete week, you can order the $95 special that is time limited.

This service is for entertainment only. Take it as a game.

Order Details

1 day delivery