I will write a poem or short story for you

write a poem or short story for you

About This Gig

"Given the chance, what would you do? Would you stay keep to the rules, do as your told and once all things are said and done, go about your life? Or would you decide to take the chance, throw caution to the wind and live out your life how you want it. No rules, no restrictions, and certainly no traditions. I ask you. What would you do, Star?" ---The Mission's words to Star.

 Star is an elf that was raised in a sheltered life. Brought up to know the proud of the elves and taught that shemlen (humans) were the root of their suffering. She's strayed from her lessons and stayed within a stay distance of her village. But what happens to this elf when she's thought to be ready to take on a mission. A mission that every elf is tasked with doing, but all differs in the details of it and the results.

What is that mission, you may ask? We don't know yet.

Only Star is clear on the details.

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