I will do advance keyword research for your Amazon product

do advance keyword research for your Amazon product

About This Gig

Wondering if your product idea will be a hit on Amazon? Sometimes we think that our product is a great idea and will be popular but in reality it won't sell at the rate that we would like it to. I know as I have been there before with my own products. 

To avoid the risk of spending your money on a product that may work, this gig will help you make that decision easier. 

This gig will take your idea and test out the market for a period of 7 days. You will then have all the research and data you need to see the following:

·         Weekly and daily searches of your term

·         The level of competition 

·         Daily units sold (if sales occur)

·         Sales conversion rates   

Wouldn't it be easier to know if your product is going to be a success before you spend your time and resources on it? This will eliminate that so you are able to make an educated decision. 

Purchasing this gig is not a guarantee that your results will be favorable. However, this is vital in knowing if your idea is something that will be sustainable. 

For beginner, intermediate, and advance sellers, this is a great opportunity to expand your online business. 


Order Details

8 days delivery


Advance research on 6 keywords to determine if your product will be successful.

  • Tailored Action Plan
  • SEO Report
  • 6 Keywords Analyzed