I will proofread and edit a story or essay, critique optional

proofread and edit a story or essay, critique optional

About This Gig

Hi! I'm willing to proofread and edit a poem, short story, academic essay, personal essay, and most other kinds of writing. I am also willing to provide revisions and/or a critique if they are desired. I would prefer short pieces of work, but am willing to work on longer pieces for additional compensation. This is not the same as me writing something for you, though I'm willing to work with you on a piece, and tutor you in approaches to creative, academic, or technical writing. I can have your project back to you in two days or less. 

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Thorough Proofreading and Editing

I am willing to proofread and edit, as well as revise and critique if it's desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you proofread essays in other languages?
    I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that, as the only other two languages I'm familiar with, I'm not fluent in. I want you to be as precise and fluent as possible in what you're writing!
  • My piece is longer than 10,000 words but not 10,250...
    We'll talk. Message me and we'll figure something out!
  • Do you proofread resumes?
    Yes! I will gladly proofread, edit, and/or critique a resume.
  • My piece isn't a short story/poem/essay... will you look at it?
    Message me and we can figure something out! In addition to poetry, short stories, essays (academic, personal, etc.), I can also help with resumes, critiques/reviews, and articles.
  • I'm working on a LONG project, and I'm looking for a long-term editor...
    Message me! While I don't have a ton of time on my hands, I'm willing to jump onto a long project as long as you're willing to pay regularly for my services. Keep in mind, I'm NOT a professional editor, I just know writing and English very well.