I will help you develop a photographic memory through brain training

help you develop a photographic memory through brain training

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Description Photographic Memory Development! Key Principles & Exercises Master Photographic Memory
  I will give you the basics of developing a photographic memory via text file with basic exercises! I will give you the basics, the fundamentals, and exercises to give you a strong start. We will develop a plan customized to you, and I will teach you methods that aren't on the internet!
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About This Gig

  • What is a photographic memory?

My definition of a photographic memory is to remember information or visual images in great detail. For example, lets say I give you a page full of chemical equations for organic chemistry. How long will it take you to memorize it? A couple hours, 3-4 if it's a tough sheet? I've developed my photographic memory where I can do this in under five minutes and now excel at studying.

  • Can anyone do this?

Yes! My program is designed to allow anyone to learn this skill, the only requirements are the ability to read in English and be able to dedicate some time aside from your week to practice this skill. 

  • How easy is this to do?

This depends on person to person, I have taught this to other colleagues in college. Some of them have done it in less than a 48 hour period which is absolutely spectacular. A few others have had to put it to practice for a few weeks before grasping it.

  • What makes my program different from those others on the internet?

I will help you develop a strong base before we jump to developing our photographic memory. You will receive in depth exercises and tutorials if you decide to purchase the Standard or Premium Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I want a photographic memory? What's it any use to me?
    The main use of a photographic memory is to see something once and remember it. By exercising this ability we all have within in us, this will make memorizing equations or anything regarding memorization; made simple and easy.
  • Will this work for anyone?
    If you can read English, and follow directions you can learn my methods to developing a photographic memory.
  • Can I learn this overnight?
    Yes and no. Everyone is different and I can't definitively say you will learn this "right away," as it's easier for some people than others. I can say with practice and dedication you can develop this skill, as they say practice makes perfect.
  • Have you ever met that one person where they just "get it?"
    Some people have a naturally developed photographic memory. I remember back when I was in high school, I saw people all around me memorize a concept and I was baffled because I didn't get it. 3 years later, getting ready to complete my science major, I would have never thought it was possible.
  • Do I have a photographic memory?
    I'd like to say yes, but like many skills there is always someone better than you. It took me almost 6 months to really "master" this skill. When I say master, I mean that I could take a page full of chemical equations. I now practice once a week to keep my skills refined. Practice makes perfect.
  • Can you describe this product in one sentence?
    Yes. Study smarter, not harder.