I will fix your audio track

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fix your audio track

About This Gig

I will edit your audio track, be it solo instrument, stem or full track to your specification.

Services include but are not limited to;
  • Eq - getting your track to sit better in your mix. Muddy bass? fixed. Dull vocals? fixed. Flat drums? a speciality
  • Dynamics - Getting the levels of your track right to fit your mix. Vocals too loud in the verse too quiet in the chorus? Drums lack life and energy?
  • Psychoacoustics - Help your track fit into the sonic space it should. Backing vocals too upfront? Lead vocals sound like they were (or even were they) recorded in a tiny room with no life? Drum room bus sound too out of place?
  • Light Restoration Work - Removing clicks, pops, noise, on older tracks such as tapes.
  • Slicing and Stiching - Need a long spoken word passage split into individual slices? Need those same slices tied back together? Perfect for turning robotic sounding vocals into more real believable takes.
  • Sample replacement - Replacing low quality samples with better studio quality samples from my own collection, spanning multiple genres. This also includes layering.

Feel free to mail me with any questions about the service or about your project.

1 gig is 1 track plus reference track.