I will composing a song or straighten

composing a song or straighten
composing a song or straighten

About This Gig

I can compose a song or straighten.
It can be a song for recording project, jingle, movie, documentary, TV series, drama, corporate identification, or any other personal interest.
Just send:
. A description to define the history and main reason for the song, style, concept, theme and express what
. A reference to an existing song that resembles what you want to accomplish in your song (optional)

If you want to straighten or fix a song that you have composed but feel not complete:
. Review and verification.
. Straighten, amend or propose melodic and rhythmic lines (if necessary)
. Straighten, amend or propose lyrics of the song (if necessary)
. melodic and rhythmic Debugging
. Define or complete structure of the song
. Recording final sample (melody line and lyrics)

We will make a custom offer as the case

. Lyrics composition from scratch 25 $
. Music composition from scratch 25 $

. the melodic line and the final letter is delivered in an audio file mp3 and PDF respectively.

Order Details

5 days delivery

Composing a song

Composing a song or straighten

  • Commercial Use
Number of seconds
This Package includes 300 seconds. For each additional 60 seconds, the price is $10.