I will perfectly and transparently tune your vocals

perfectly and transparently tune your vocals

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Description I sound GOOD! This could easily be on the radio! No way I shouldn't be on the Voice!
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About This Gig

If you feel like your songs are a step away from perfection and lack that polish and smoothness of being perfectly tuned, no worries, I can help. There are tricks to get the vocal to sound stable and sit in the mix. For transparent precision it takes a good ear, time and experience. So let me put my 10+ years of experience with stand-alone editing software (Melodyne) to work to help you get a step closer to the sound you are chasing.

Please message me for custom orders including but not limited to: multiple tracks, single tracks longer than 5 minutes, added harmonies, automation leveling, and other vocal editing.

Disclaimer: File specifications are EXTREMELY important in this process. Please contact me if you have questions that are not answered in the FAQs. Remember, no amount of processing can correct poorly recorded audio.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is audio recorded in 96khz recommended?
    Audio recorded at higher sample rates give more samples to work with. Very useful in editing. Not required.
  • Can you work with lower quality audio and standard 44.1khz?
    Yes, but be aware that only so much editing can be done before noticeable artifacts become apparent in the audio.
  • What do you mean by "poorly recorded audio"?
    Bad mic placement, poorly comp'd vocals, plosives. It is important to remember that post recording processing can only enhance what is already present. It is a polish that can make a great performance flawless, and a good performance great.
  • Can you make me sound as good as my favorite artist?
    Yes and no. Minus all the bells and whistles, those performers are still above average singers, recording on top end equipment, engineered by the best of the best. What I can do, solely depends on the vocal and the specs of the audio file you delivered. Great=Flawless, Good=Great.
  • You say you can make my vocals on pitch and timed and sound clear as the songs on the radio?
    Only if you help me help you. A great vocal performance recorded properly on a good mic. With file specs of bit depth(24), and sample rate(96khz). Also in .wav or .aif format. Anything below those specifications in the end will sound better, but not as transparent.