I will create a UNIQUE art work of your name

Outstanding Experience!
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create a UNIQUE art work of your name
create a UNIQUE art work of your name
create a UNIQUE art work of your name
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About This Gig

Aesthetically drawing letters is a scientific art and based on years of experience and unstanding the subject.
I will create an amazing handdrawn text logo of your name and paint it ON THE WALL as a real mural art work!

This is how its done:
  • every logo/name/word/single letter is handdrawn
  • first sketched with pencil
  • then outlined with pen
  • then painted on the wall
  • fotograph + sent to you
  • get a process fotostream, if you wish

This is the every time mode of operation. It allways takes a lot of time to preserve my quality standard for you. 

NO cliparts 
NO googlepics
NO repititions
N.E.V.E.R.   E.V.E.R.

BASIC GIG for 5 $:
  • raw pencil sketch of your word with 
  • up to 4 letters
  • 100 ppi on a format of 1920 x 1080 pixels 

+ 15 $ - clean the sketch and fill it with 1 color
+   5 $ - for each more letter
+ 15 $ - JPEG, PNG in high resolution for you to print canvases or anything
+ 150 $ - 3 color real mural artwork
+ 100 $ - more then 3 colors

The colorful "Jakob" with the hexagram containes 21 colors.

Please contact me first + tell me about your vision as detailed as possible, so we will achieve the most matching result for you.

As always, feel free to ask any questions concerning this gig.
Thank you.

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