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I will go Door to Door and distribute 50 flyers to 50 houses in Toronto for $5. Distributing flyers to houses is a great way to get the word out about your business or services. It's perfect if you're trying to market your products and services to family members or if you're trying to sell a household service or product. Having said that, any business will definitely benefit from this type of marketing!

I'll do my best to choose the best location possible based on the type of product or service you are advertising.

How it works:

- Just send me your flyer design file!
  (Contact me if you don’t have a design.)
- I will print (black/white) and distribute for you!
- I will take 1-3 pictures for free!
- If you want to target a specific demographic, contact me first.

Order Gig Extras for more options:

- Color flyers! (more eye-catching!)
- Direct handouts! (will interact with people for you!)
- More flyers! (bigger packages include extra flyers!)
- Extra Fast! (fast delivery, will put you first in line!)

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