I will convert your jpg or png logo into vector SVG format

Great job, as always. Thanks so much!
Reviewed by helloandres39 3 months ago
Great Job. Thanks again!
Reviewed by helloandres39 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by helloandres39 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
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great work. thanks
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This seller is AMAZING!!! Delivers work promptly! Easy to work with and he goes the extra mile to get everything just the way you like it!!
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Awesome service!
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Amazing work! Will use again!!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Outstanding Experience!
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The process was quite simple and the seller was responsive and delivered on time.
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Superb communication and delivery time. I'm very satisfied, and look forward to ordering again!
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Extremely fast and just what I asked for
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Easy. And awesome.
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Very quick replies and delivery. Great to work with.
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Impressed with results. Fast turnaround time!
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Super excellent experience! Designer was very helpful and I was more than satisfied with the outcome.
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Outstanding Experience!
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Wow! Amazing. Super super fast delivery and looks perfect! Thank you so much!
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convert your jpg or png logo into vector SVG format

About This Gig

I will convert your JPG or PNG logo to vector format (SVG or AI)!

Many people don't realize when they have a logo designed that although it's usually suitable for a website or email, it's often far too small for actual print work. I'm able to take your image and using some unique techniques, I convert it to a vector format.

Vector format means that you can zoom in 2000% or 20000% and it will still keep the same quality as opposed to regular images which become blurry and pixelated.

Please only do this for logos with a solid set of colors. I can do ones with shading, but they often turn out strange.

Note: For icons, it's 5 per gig, so order multiple gigs if you plan to have multiple icons.

If you have a Mac, please check this link for issues opening AI files: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/524660
You can also request the vector archived in a .ZIP file.