I will record a Doctor, Teacher, or Trainer Spokesperson Video

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Awesome job....one of the best on fiverr,
Reviewed by youtubeppt007 about 3 hours ago
Great Seller. Does the best possible job. One of the best on fiverr. *Thums UP*
Reviewed by youtubeppt007 about 3 hours ago
Wow! That was 10x better than I was expecting. It really couldn't be any better. Fantastic work.
Reviewed by couzineddie 4 days ago
wonderful!!!!! This guy has a wide range and can do everything from sincere, to parody/comedy, heartfelt, etc. We use him quite a bit for media and he nails it every time.
Reviewed by nickrobertsdayt 3 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by globmedsol 5 days ago
Perfect, perfect perfect will be on every announcement I have! Thank you!
Reviewed by filomenadefalco 8 days ago
Followed instructions as provided. My highest recommendation.
Reviewed by bigbadrich 8 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by brobbins_kaizen 3 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by cwloke 10 days ago
Bob Is amazing. We Give him a Project and He Did Amazing. Thank you so Much BoB.
Reviewed by leadzpro 12 days ago
Outstanding performance and recording. I am happy with your service. Thank you Bob.
Reviewed by anmc8500 13 days ago
Prompt and exactly what we needed!
Reviewed by jgtraut279mh 16 days ago
Excellent work! Really professional. I highly recommend this. :)
Reviewed by betsyburke 16 days ago
I needed a professional spokesman with a smooth delivery and Bob provides just that. Video came out great, I'm marked him in my favorites and I hope to use again.
Reviewed by nitetronic 16 days ago
Every time generatecashbiz does a video for my company, it's better than the one before. I'm so grateful he's a seller on fiverr.
Reviewed by warw2rab 18 days ago
I needed someone to promote my business. Bob did a great job helping me come up with the script, filmed the video fast and I'm very happy with the final product. He was more than helpful when I needed edits and he exceeded my expectations.
Reviewed by royaly459 19 days ago
Outstanding, thank you.
Reviewed by rjbinc 20 days ago
Always a pleasure working with BOB - this set of 12 videos is perfect.
Reviewed by dopublicity 21 days ago
It is wonderful working with such a professional. With each video he's done for us, he exceeds our expectations. He makes like delicious!
Reviewed by warw2rab 23 days ago
fantastic work
Reviewed by fenwat 23 days ago
record a Doctor, Teacher, or Trainer Spokesperson Video
record a Doctor, Teacher, or Trainer Spokesperson Video
record a Doctor, Teacher, or Trainer Spokesperson Video
record a Doctor, Teacher, or Trainer Spokesperson Video
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About This Gig

BEFORE you order this gig, Please watch this video! 
It will save us lots of time!

THIS GIG REQUIRES A SCRIPT! I can now do high quality Spokesperson Videos to fit almost any need. Here are the specifics.

****For the Standard $10 gig I will shoot in my home office and up to 50 words. I will output as an mp4 640x360. My home office has a bookshelf behind me and certificates on the wall.****
  • Give me a script of 50 words or less. Add a gig for each 50 words.

  • Pronunciations are very important of course. Please let me know if you have any!

  • I will appear Business casual or Casual as part of the basic gig.

  • Let me know the mood you want. Relief, Ecstatic, Grateful, Best thing since sliced bread etc.

  • Let me know if you want me standing or sitting in my leather chair in my home office.


HD, Custom Background, Music, Transitions, Change Locations, Change Outfit etc.

Custom outfit: Business Professional, Doctor Coat with or without stethoscope.

The more detailed you are the better! 

Things I will not do include: Porn, Sex, Terrorism, you get the idea.

If you have any doubts, please ask BEFORE you order!

For Green Screen, I can only shoot half body!

Order Details

10 days delivery


For the Standard $10 gig I will shoot in my home office wearing business casual or casual.

Number of words
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is £3.98.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do your gigs cost?
    Everything starts from $10! Please read the description for more details on pricing e.g. $10 for a 50 word video shot in 640x360p in my home office in casual clothes and delivered in 640x360p. You can add another 50 words for $5 more. Make sure to check out my gig extras!
  • When will you deliver?
    I aim to deliver within 8-10 days due to my backlog. If you are in a rush I can deliver all gigs within 48 hours for an additional fee.. There is a 48 hour delivery option available on all gigs but if this isn't listed, you will have to contact me to make sure I'm available.
  • Do I own the copyright?
    Yes! Once you buy a gig from me, you're also buying the copyright unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Can you do HD or Full HD quality videos?
    Yes, the HD or ull HD option is available as a gig extra on videos.
  • Can I/you put the video onto YouTube?
    As you own the copyright you can do what you'd like with it, put it on YouTube, your website, blog etc. I will not post anything on my YouTube account however.
  • What type of files do you deliver in?
    I deliver all videos as a MP4 file, and audio as a MP3 file. I can convert pretty much to whatever file format you need fo no extra charge.
  • How do you deliver?
    I deliver most videos and audios through upload audio/images via Fiverr upload. If the file or files exceed fiverr's limitations then I use Dropbopx and send you a direct link.
  • What is Dropbopx?
    Dropbox is a free file hosting service that lets you upload and share your photos, documents and videos.
  • Do I have to download the file?
    Yes. If it is on fiverr then right click on the link to the video and save it to your desktop. If I deliver on Dropbox It is only kept in Dropbox temporarily for 30 days.
  • How long is it in Dropbox for?
    I keep files in my Dropbox for 30 days. This gives you 30 days from when I deliver your work to download it. I keep all videos and audios for at least 10 months.