I will solve all your Microsoft Excel headaches

solve all your Microsoft Excel headaches
solve all your Microsoft Excel headaches

About This Gig

Please contact me to discuss the project prior to ordering, as the number of gigs required may vary according to the complexity of the task and the extent of work to be done.

I will be able to help with:

  • Writing simple Excel formulae (SUM, IF, VLOOKUP, etc...)
  • Writing advanced Excel formulae (SUMIFS, INDEX, MATCH, etc...)
  • Auditing and correcting a broken formula/spreadsheet
  • Setting up rules for data analysis a.k.a conditional formatting
  • Duplicate data removal
  • Simplifying a complicated Excel spreadsheet
  • Pivot table to organize and analyze your data
  • Converting to/from PDF file
  • Creation of document templates such as invoices, receipts, etc...
  • Visualization of data in forms of charts, graphs, etc...
  • Writing VBA/Macros for your Excel spreadsheet
  • Creating a custom spreadsheet to analyze data the way you want it to be analyzed
  • And almost anything else Excel related

If there's anything that is giving you headache in Excel, I'll be able to help you overcome that quickly and affordably.

If in doubt, I'm just a message away. I'll get back to you as soon as I see it! =)

Order Details

Any Excel related tasks.

Please contact me before purchasing.

  • Include Source Code
1 day delivery 2 Revisions