I will add ULTIMATE copy traffic features to your website

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add ULTIMATE copy traffic features to your website

About This Gig

I will set up the ULTIMATE Website COPY TRAFFIC FEATURE for your site! 

I will help you to increase your website traffic and improve your online presence  by adding these great and amazing features to your website. 

Whether your site is built on wordpress, another platform or even if it is a static website - these features are right for you!

70% of people who share content ignore the social sharing buttons - and instead mark and copy the text. Then they would paste the copied text into email, twitter, facebook or some other source - and you will get nothing from it!

But with this service, I will set up some clever "magic" to happen behind the scenes... Now when they go to paste the copied content a custom message, link or watermark of your choice will appear

This will give you FREE BACKLINKS and FREE  TRAFFIC to your website. you could even use this service just to copyright your content.

This Strategy Works Like Crazy:

99.9% of persons share content by copy and pasting.
By using this service, you are not trying to get people to change their habits.

Sit back and let them continue doing what they have always done
Now you reap the benefits every time someone copies and paste your content!