I will give an insightful Kipper card reading

give an insightful Kipper card reading

About This Gig

Most people have had a tarot card reading, but few, if any have experienced a Kipper card reading. This deck, which is comprised of 36 cards, is read in a more literal rather than intuitive manner. I look at not only the card itself, but, the characters in the card and see which way they are facing, and where they "land" in the spread. This is a unique opportunity to have a completely different type of card reading.

For the Basic $5 Gig, I will draw 5 cards to answer ONE specific question you have. If you desire to ask more than one question, please order multiple Basic $5 Gigs OR order the Extra that will either do a 9 Card Box spread OR the largest spread which utilizes ALL 36 cards and can answer up to 3 areas of interest you may have.