I will help you in projects not offered in my other gigs

help you in projects not offered in my other gigs

About This Gig

In this gig, I will try to help you in multiple things, that aren't covered in my other gigs,  like:
  1. Basic Logo creation (provided you supply some sketch of your idea and any other needed resources)
  2. Combine multiple graphics that you supply me into one image with some basic editing
  3. Convert your .PDF file to text documents (MS Word, Open-office, etc.) - 20 pages per gig
  4. Some basic image editing (e.g. removing backgrounds, fix skin problems, or coloring a black and white picture) - a short palette er gig
  5. Type your scanned document up to 1500 words per gig (English or Greek)
  6. Accept just your tip for a job well done (just mention the word tip in the description)
  7. Convert your audio file to another format.
  8. Will do HTML/PHP/MYSQL work

Please first contact me, (especially if we haven't worked together in past) to tell me specifically  what you need,  and if I respond that I can do the job then you can order this gig.

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