I will professionally proofread 3,000 words in 24 hours

professionally proofread 3,000 words in 24 hours

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Description Proofread it Now Rewrite + Proofread Major Rewrite + Proofread
  Your words without the mistakes, ASAP. I manually correct your text and return a finished product. Your words, better. I manually rewrite your text for exceptional readability. Proofreading included. Your rough ideas, composed into an utterly perfect finished product. Proofreading included.
Feedback is suggestions about how a text's style, content and readability can be improved.
Print Layout
Preparing layout for print is the arrangement of all elements and text in the document for legibility.
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 2 3
Delivery time 1 day
Number of words
This Package includes 3000 words. For each additional 4000 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 1500 words. For each additional 2000 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 750 words. For each additional 1000 words, the price is $5.
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About This Gig

You've got words and you need them to be not just professional but also earthshakingly impactful. This master wordsmith will take your existing text and render it stunning in 24 hours or less. I'm only done when you are completely thrilled with your final text.

Stand out. Make an impression. Do it on a budget and on time.

Hi. George Donnelly here. Graduate of a top US university, native speaker of American English, trained in the finest Catholic schools under the meanest nuns with the harshest homework. CNN says I'm intriguing.

I manually analyze your text and then realize its destiny. Your deliverables are (1) a Microsoft Word 2016 docx file with Track Changes enabled (2) a clean docx file and (3) a print-ready PDF (if your selected gig includes it).

I will evaluate and improve your text's:

  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Tone
  • Organization
  • Economy of expression
  • Flow/Readability
  • and more.

Count on me to edit your novels, ebooks, articles, blog posts, website copy, business plans, reports, brochures, technical documents, academic essays, short stories and any other text.

Let me create a custom quote to meet your unique needs.

Message me any time. I'd love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you make my document perfect?
    Completely and utterly perfect, yes.
  • Will you make my document read like a pro wrote it?
    If you select one of the options that includes rewriting, then yes. Select the Heavy Rewrite option for best results.
  • How many words can you deliver per 24-hour period?
    The maximum number of words I can reliably turnaround in 24 hours is 5,000.
  • Is the confidentiality of my documents guaranteed?
    Yes, you have my confidentiality guarantee. I will not share your documents with anyone.
  • Can I have a discount for jobs over 20,000 words?
    Yes, absolutely. Let me create a custom quote to meet your unique needs.
  • What if I need a few extra changes at the end of the job?
    No problem. I will take care of it for you, no extra charge.
  • Writing god, where do you come from?
    Borne out of a gamma ray burst in the monster star of X76 Cygni when its H-band companion went supernova during the tragic first run of the Gutenberg press. Adopted love child of a repressed reference librarian and a penniless poet named Strunk White. Presenting, your editor, George Donnelly!
  • Writing god, where are you?
    Coming to you live from the Colombian Andes, in an abandoned Incan pyramid on a Coconuco quinoa plantation between a hummingbird haven and a covert Navy Seal outpost, deep in the fight against the cocaine cartels and ISIS-allied Marxist guerrillas not to mention overflowing with secret babies.
  • Writing god, just how punctilious are you, really?
    So punctilious I can upload your manuscript to YouTube in 3D 8K UHD VR in 88 seconds flat on a 28.8K salvage AOL modem while twirling a quark around my pinky finger.