I will help single mothers in Mexico with your help

help single mothers in Mexico with your help
help single mothers in Mexico with your help
help single mothers in Mexico with your help

About This Gig

I have been living in a poor area of Mexico for the past several years. Some of the time, I am able to work. Much of the time, the extreme racism prevents me from doing so.

I have always made it a point to give back to the community, concentrating on Biblical preferences first, but also including others in need. For those of you who are unaware of the significance of the term, Biblical preferences, the Bible speaks specifically about single mothers in need. Again, this is the prioritized assistance, but I also extend help to others in need, such as the elderly, the blind, and other handicapped individuals that may be in need of assistance. When times are great, I even extend this assistance to stray animals, by providing some type of food, and even Vet services and shots if able.

Unfortunately, a combination of Donald Trump being in the media as a racist, completely against Mexicans, in addition to the natural envious, racist, and heavily drunken male population here, times have become much more difficult, as I live in a part of Mexico, where there are very few Americans, and actually very dangerous for an American to live and work among the public.

Order Details

Single Mothers in Mexico

Donations used for helping single mothers in a poor area of Mexico, with food, clothing, transport

1 day delivery
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much of the donation will actually go toward helping single mothers?
    PayPal will, of course, get their cut. Then the bank will also want theirs. I, personally, will only be utilizing funds from the same in order to cover any applicable expenses, namely travel costs involved in the banking, and distribution of either direct funds or purchased items.
  • Can I/we send a donation directly?
    ANY help is appreciated, in any manner, in any quantity. $20 minimum was placed due to PayPal and banking fees. We are willing to accept any larger or smaller quantity. If you do decide to send a direct payment, this payment will actually be to the name of a single mother, with whom I partner with.
  • Does the donation have to be $20?
    The money is for charitable purposes. The quantity and participation is completely what you find in your heart. $20 was chosen, because PayPal and the bank will be charging their own fees, which banking, here, is quite pricey. Understand that around $5+ of that amount is estimated purely for fees.
  • Can I set up a periodical participation (weekly, monthly, etc.)?
    Again, anything that you are willing to help with, whether it be a one time donation, or maintained assistance over a period of time. Anything that you can help with will be greatly appreciated, and the more financial assistance that we can muster, the more people we can help.
  • How can I/we be sure that the money goes toward helping?
    If it comes down to an issue of trust, we are able and very willing to provide photos, video, or even written statements from the recipients (maybe in the form of a thank you letter). The photos and video can be of the recipients (per their agreement) or even of the items purchased.
  • Are we able to contact you personally?
    Any initial contact will need to take place through Fiverr. If it seems that it is a sincere inquiry, we are then able to further exchange email, telephone, or social media contact information, for written, verbal, or visual communications. This will only be done with sincere individuals.
  • Is there a physical address where I/we can send a donation to?
    This is a very poor area of Mexico, near the meeting of the states, Michoacan and Guerrero. Addresses, for the most part, do not exist here. Any mailings are sent to a single location for pick up. It is very probable that any payment through this manner would be stolen or lost.