I will make someone you love smile every morning for 365 days

make someone you love smile every morning for 365 days

About This Gig

365 Smiles
This product is a very thoughtful, sweet gift which your friend, partner or family member will adore!
What it offers:
Daily support, love, affection, laughter, knowledge

How does it work?
  1. Pick your three categories of choice
  2. Pick photos (if you want them included), and if you have any special messages or memories you want on your notes, any special message you want on the front
  3. Leave the rest to me and have your 365 smiles sent to you within 7 days
  4. Then the person you have gave it to should read one each morning and have a wonderful day!

What we offer:
  • Standard Jar Of Love: The glass Jar with 365 personalised notes categorized into 3 categorys of your choice, examples include: 'Jokes', 'Words of Encouragement' 'Memories'*, 'Fun Facts','Pictures of Us'**, 'Reasons I Love You'***, 'Song lyrics that remind me of you'***, 'Quotes' £7.99
  • Premium Jar of Love: with Blue/Pink glitters, confetti and bows (unlimited categories £11.98

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Order Details

Personalised Jar of Love

A jar with 365 sticky notes, with personalised messages or photos

7 days delivery