I will help you practice spanish speaking for 20 minutes

help you practice spanish speaking for 20 minutes

About This Gig

Did you know that learning a foreing language requires more than just only the cognitive and technical part of it? Have you been learning the spanish language for quite while, but there's no one to help you practice all you've learned?
I can help you with that. If you buy my gig i will speak through skype (video and voice) a third of an hour with you. I will help you develope fluency with the spanish language.
If you want to go further than just 20 minutes, but my extras for extending time.

As a bonus for your purchase i will correct any misspelling and error you do during our session!

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1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can i know when time has passed?
    I will adjust a clock for you to see the time. If you are worried about the time, just buy the 2 hour session. You will be talking like Enrrique Iglesias in no time!