I will share how lost 55lbs last year

share how lost 55lbs last year
share how lost 55lbs last year

About This Gig

Growing up I was always the chubby kid, and it drove me crazy! I was very active playing sports all through jr. high and high school and filling my spare time with bike rides, swimming and helping my Dad in the yard.  

I started reading fitness magazines, trying their diet plans and going to the gym early in high school. The plans helped a little, but I never got the results I wanted. I would always find myself tired and hungry until I went back to eating as I had previously

When I got to college, I said fuck it this is how I am. There's no point in fighting it. I stopped paying the slightest attention to what I ate and barely exercised; my health drastically declined. Eight years later I found myself winded, experiencing chest pain and breaking out into a sweat by simply bending over the tie my shoes.  Today I am proud to say I am in the best shape of my life and improving daily.

In this guide, I will teach you how to train your body to burn fat. We will do this by selecting foods that will change how your body creates energy. We will do this with real and satiating foods.

I am here to help. Please keep me updated on your journey and reach out with questions along the way. 

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