I will create a unique 10 line poem for any occasion


About This Gig

Do you want something unique and creative but aren't sure what to say? Let me give it a shot by writing a poem for you! All I need to get started is a few items that will let me know what to write the poem about. Some things may include:

  • Who or what is it about?
  • What is the mood of the poem? Happy? Sad? Serious? Uplifting?
  • What are some key aspects you want to have in the poem?
  • Do you want an ABAB or AABB rhyme style?
  • How long do you want the poem to be? (10 lines per gig)
  • When do you need it by? (I need to know if you want it sooner than 4 days)
Once I get this information from you I will get started on a poem and keep you updated on the progress of the poem. When completed I will submit it for you to review and will gladly make changes if necessary! Hope to hear from you and get started working on your poem!