I will send 10,000 Adsense Safe Traffic For 20 Bucks

send 10,000 Adsense Safe Traffic For 20 Bucks
send 10,000 Adsense Safe Traffic For 20 Bucks

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Description Google Adsense Safe web Traffic S.Google Adsense Safe Traffic P.Google Adsense Safe Web Traffic
  Get 10,000 Adsense Safe web Traffic Get 20,000 Adsense Safe web Traffic Get 50,000 Adsense Safe web Traffic
Delivery time 2 days 2 days 2 days

About This Gig

Google Adsense is No.1 and high paid advertising network in the world.As we have Google adsense publisher account more than 5 years and we are always update with theirs TOS.

As You Know if they disable Your Account, then there's 99% chance to get lost your account. and you never get back or create new one on same account owner.

The Most Reasons for that :

  • Low quality Traffic to your website.
  • Unusual high peak or low peak tr-affic to your website
  • Tra-ffic come from low and illegal website.
  •  lots of traffic come from direct or one source of tr-affic

So Here our Gig features for Ad.sense safe traf-fic  to your website.
  • Real Human Visitors
  • No Bots or Software Use
  • No Proxy / VPN Use
  • Our traff.ic surf duration between 50 to 60 seconds. in most case adsense banned for low duration tr.affic    below 30 seconds
  • Up to 5 URL'S Get tr-affic : In Most case adsense disable for getting lots of hits on 1 or 2 URL'S.
  • Up to  5 sources of tr.affic : In Most case ad-sense get banned for getting tr.affic from 1 or 2 sources.
  • Traf.fic sources : Organic ( google,Bing),Facebook, tumbler, pintest and many more..
  • Traffi.c goes steady :  not to much peak or low t.raffic.

Plz Read FAQ 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you Provide Track Report for Website Traffic ..?
    Yes, We provide Google Short URL Track Report, where you can see total website views,traffic sources,Geo Countries,which devices use visitors.what browser they used.
  • Do you Have Any Guarantee for My Google Adsense Account..?
    Sorry we don't Give you Any Guarantee for your Google Adsense Account. As you use our traffic on daily basis without using any other cheap traffic. there are very less change to get disable your Google Adsense Account
  • Do you have Guarantee for Traffic hit's ( Amount of traffic )which describe on package..?
    Yes, We send traffic until you get traffic hit's as describe on package
  • Do Recommend Any Tips To how to Deal with website traffic to stay safe for Google Adsense Acccount..?
    We Give you The tips for that but We Don't Give Guarantee for that it's work's . - Only buy Quality traffic - Don't send too much traffic in short period. Always start very low traffic and Increase Traffic slowing. - Please don't suddenly stop traffic. this is very most common mistakepeople do