I will setup ur youtube page design or banner pro style

setup ur youtube page design or banner pro style

About This Gig

I can help you make your Youtube page look more professional and organized.
Take a look at pictures 1 and 3 ..unorganized, viewers can see a history of what the owner has been watching/doing. There is no sections to choose which videos or playlist viewers can watch from.And the cover photo is just ok.
Pictures 2 is how the pros do it: great cover photo, videos are organized into sections for a simpler and easier access to browsing 

Over 1 Billion users view YT each month!
Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YT—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth.

ALot of good entrepreneurs and artist as well have great you tube content but their  page is hard to navigate or looks similar to a novice page

Does your  page look like a  timeline feed ?
Able for viewers to see EVERYTHING you've been doing on YT ;-D

I also can make  banners for you.
I know how hard it is to get those banner dimensions just right .
I can also edit/ CREATE  the design picture for you .

Exclusively on Fiverr i will fix this for you and setup your page to look like the pros.  Just take a look at the photos above

setup ur playlist / sections is basic
create a banner is extra 

 Let me help!