I will give you a natural, realistic TESTIMONIAL video

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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by singaweb 6 days ago
5 out of ten testimonials you buy will be OK. Dan's work is EXCELLENT! So if you're after quality, STOP here, SHOP and then you may look around but I did it, about 25 times, Dan is top 3! Thank you!
Reviewed by yatkocom 29 days ago
Great work. Exactly as ordered. Good quality. Fast delivery. THANK YOU
Reviewed by anytime about 1 month ago
A+ awesome service
Reviewed by l5studios 2 months ago
Great job! Thanks for your work - if feels "real"
Reviewed by willinator 3 months ago
very nice and accommodating.
Reviewed by pscrivo 3 months ago
perfect. love it.
Reviewed by freddymac50 3 months ago
Great work! Very professional and fast delivery.
Reviewed by gsartori 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hunterzpointz 3 months ago
getitdonedan was very professional while recording my testimonial video, he went to the extra length to make sure am satisfied, I am very happy for sure. Thanks a lot for your help. Thanks.
Reviewed by sandralewis 4 months ago
give you a natural, realistic TESTIMONIAL video
give you a natural, realistic TESTIMONIAL video
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About This Gig

Welcome! I'm Daniel and I'm here to provide you with a natural, realistic testimonial video in 720p.

$5 will get you:
  • A 50 word script
  • Home background
  • Realistic, natural lighting
  • 720p HD (1080p HD available for extra gig)
  • Casual clothing (see gig add ons for additional choices)

You must provide the script. 

  • Your script can be up to 50 words. Have more than 50 words? Use the gig add-on to add 50 more words at a time.
  • Pronunciations (especially acronyms) are important. Let me know if there's a specific way to say it. (I don't do revisions for saying it incorrectly if you didn't tell me in the first place.)
  • I reserve the right to make minor changes to the script for grammar
  • No adult/inappropriate content or dating sites
  • I will not film other people's Fivver gigs
  • There are no revisions unless it is my mistake

Custom outfit - Business casual, Shirt and Tie, Suit, Sport coat and no tie
Screens - green screen, video white or black

Order Details

4 days delivery


I will deliver a 50 word testimonial in 720p using the script you provide

Number of words:
This Package includes 50 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do additional backgrounds?
    Yes. I will shoot outdoors for a gig extra. I can also shoot in my bedroom or office for a gig extra.
  • Do you offer revisions?
    Sorry, I do not. Unless I made a mistake. Then I'll fix it. 'Cuz, that's what you do.
  • Can you shoot in front of a green screen?
    Why yes, yes I can. A green screen background is available as a gig extra.
  • Will you perform (any one or multiple gig add ons) for just the basic $5?
    In a word, no. The basic is an EXCELLENT value for $5. Doing the additional gig add-ons take time and resources, which is why they're add ons. Thanks for appreciating that.
  • Do I write scripts?
    I prefer that you provide a script. If you need help with writing a script, message me for a custom quote.