I will give you price action analysis for any traded instrument

give you price action analysis for any traded instrument

About This Gig

I will give you current PRICE ACTION analysis for any one to two instruments picked by you: stocks, ETFs and commodities traded in the main American/European exchanges, and Currency traded by the main banks. 

The price action analysis will cover the daily timeframe and beyond even to multi year timeframe if relevant, covering the main scenarios that might develop, the targets and the risk involved.

Best results for stock/ETF are for high volume traded instrument.

If your stock doesnt reach an average volume of at least 500K a day, I wont recommend analyzing it by price action.

Regular technical analysis such as trendlines, indicators and oscillators are not part of my main analysis, and rarely be given as complementary indications to consider.

  • Please be aware that the markets were invented for risk transfer, i.e. financially protecting the real business by selling the real business risk to others, therefore exposed to manipulations in the form of misleading information and misleading price moves. 
  • Understand that no one can predict the future, but on certain circumstances the probability that the market will do something is fairly higher than doing the other way around. 

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