I will help you to find suppliers in China

help you to find suppliers in China

About This Gig

I am experienced in trading industry in both China and Hong Kong over 6 years. I will help you to find suppliers in China.

If you need to get a professional consultation in the searching of Chinese’s suppliers of different products, I can provide the professional help.

This can save you a huge amount of money on production-cost; saving time for translating and give you a great opportunity for a new business with any kind of product.

Important: Kindly ask to provide careful primary information for starting searching; it is the most important condition for the successful result.

I will do a research in China to find the product, equipment or machine you're looking for and send you suppliers who offer the thing you're looking for.

We will provide 2 suppliers contact a gig after 3 days your order details were discussed and confirmed. (Just for 1 product)

Please note: No brand products (i.e. Apple, Nike etc.) and no "find THE supplier who makes THIS product", I'm not offering any illegal nor spy-services here.