I will balance your health using Body Talk, energy work for $5

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balance your health using Body Talk, energy work
balance your health using Body Talk, energy work
BH superstar..... delivered more than my moneys worth ... she really hit spot on with ancestral stuff and blockage in back of head . I think the blockage came more like 16 -18 though but everything else felt spot on . Loved it so kind and gentle sent her back love good techniques
Reviewed by ddicllc 6 days ago
Gina is amazing as always.
Reviewed by carol1208 21 days ago
Excellent session! healing is going slow but i defiantly notice the difference after a few days. thanks gina!
Reviewed by bluesky4w 30 days ago
I tried recordings before ordering, but some were with a different practitioner of BT. This session seemed different and not really what I was looking for. I didn't take some parts of the desc. literally, so that is on me. Relies on idea of negative entities. Was bad. Advised me boundaries are bad!
Reviewed by elewy1 about 1 month ago
thank you for your support, despite notable challenges; like notable a lot a lot; : )
Reviewed by moonbird1999 about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by caleblaieski about 1 month ago
Very considerate seller. She was insightful, thorough and articulate. I am waiting to see results from her work! Great experience.
Reviewed by chrisybug about 1 month ago
Thanks Gina, appreciate the extra recording and recommendations. So glad that my body is healing and for your continued support.
Reviewed by michelleayn about 1 month ago
Therapeutic on so many levels. THANKS AGAIN!
Reviewed by moonbird1999 about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rbeno12 2 months ago
The recording was shorter than expected but Gina said she would add me to a longer group session later as that was what my body was telling her it wanted. I do feel better today and more energised like something has shifted. I also appreciated all the advice on diet and nutritional protocols.
Reviewed by michelleayn 3 months ago
Another great gig. To be honest I was so skeptical. But now I am a believer. Simply miraculous.
Reviewed by valerie4975 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by og3000 3 months ago
Wow!!! Gina is amazing! She touched on and cleared energies and influences that are not only affecting me but that are also affecting my lineage & kids as well as patterns of behavior that may be affecting me and my kids from their dads side of the family. 10 Stars!!
Reviewed by cosmicbuffet 4 months ago
Thank you, D!
Reviewed by dionline 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by pixar24 4 months ago
Reviewed by psychic101 4 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by hwichert 4 months ago
Gina, I am impressed & grateful. Even though I ordered this for someone else, your session was fascinating and made a lot of sense to me. Waiting on him to give me his thoughts. You gave us both some information to follow up on. Several things you observed, were spot on. Thank you. Will order again.
Reviewed by robyn777 5 months ago
Thanks again Gina!
Reviewed by michelleayn 5 months ago
balance your health using Body Talk, energy work
balance your health using Body Talk, energy work

About This Gig

I will balance one issue in the body using Body talk system an international healing modality. Many disorders in the body can be improved by balancing the underlying energies in the mind/body complex. These are long distance sessions, you do not need to be present or relaxing during the session