I will clear soul contracts for $5

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clear soul contracts
Once again, a fascinating and very helpful service. Truly appreciated!
Reviewed by leftcoastgal about 1 year ago
Outstanding experience! Deepest of thanks!
Reviewed by leftcoastgal about 1 year ago
Amazing work! I do similar work and can tell when someone is the real deal - thank you!
Reviewed by leftcoastgal about 1 year ago
clear soul contracts

About This Gig

This gig will clear your 1)soul contracts as it relates to ONE item,
Examples: physical illness, emotional upset, habitual habit, or things that prevent you from having the life you want.
It also clears 2)demonic curses, 3)regular curses, 4)group mind( how other peoples thought effect you), 5)projection of perception(past life, or subconscious beliefs), 6)any emotional scaring(energetic) that may have happened from an event, and then once all of this is cleared, I will 7) reset your DNA if it has been effected from any of the above.

One gig will clear all 7 areas in relation to ONE item you select, or you can pick an issue in your life you want changed and I will find the highest priority that needs to be cleared and then apply all 7 clearing.

Contact me if you are unclear about this gig before you order.