I will manage your WordPress website

manage your WordPress website

About This Gig

For one full month, I will:
  • Keep your site updated (framework, plugins, theme(s), etc.)
  • Optimize, upload, and add up to 7 images
  • Create up to 7 additional pages / sub-pages
  • Edit/modify your current pages (maximum of 7)
  • Create or modify your menu(s), within the capabilities of your theme
  • Modify your site in any other requested way (font, colors, layout, etc.), within the realm of your theme's offerings (i.e. not involving code modification)
  • Provide general consultation/advice about your site

Order Details

29 days delivery

Website Maintenance Package

This package will give you 7 images uploaded, 7 pages created, 7 edits, & more!

Gig Paused