About This Gig

I am retired from the Military and I have taught and written
extensively on the subject of survival in and out of the military

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Part of surviving any situation is mental fortitude

Know what to do when it happens to you. Being prepared is essential to survival, and part of being prepared is having the knowledge, tools, and training to keep you and your family alive.

People panic because they do not know what steps to take next. Learn the steps you must take
before, during and after disaster strikes.

Learn how you can survive any natural or man-made disaster and learn how to stay alive if you
become lost or stranded in the wilderness.

The majority of information contained in my writings is based on  my 25 years of training and field experience in and out of the military. Information presented from other sources will be properly cited in APA style.

All work is original and is verified using Copyscape

Please see my extras for additional content

You will receive a draft copy of the article for review before I deliver. Please feel free to offer
suggestions or ask for changes.