I will write a 150 word powerful video script

write a 150 word powerful video script
write a 150 word powerful video script

About This Gig

Video Testimonials get you the attention and credibility you need.

I have founded and sold three businesses so you can be sure that I can sell your product. I will quickly identify your USP and highlight the best features.

I will help increase your sales by writing:

  • A convincing video testimonial script
  • An explainer video script

The video script will be short and snappy 150 words, enough for a 45 second engaging video.  The perfect length to persuade your customers. I know the exact tips and vernacular to get your video to convince your customers.

I will complete 1 gig order within 3 days. For express delivery or longer scripts, go and have a look at my Gig extras.


Do you want to know how it should sound. Do you want your actor or voice over artist to hear where the intonation should be? Do you want your actor to hear how casual a testimonial should sound?

I will record and send an audio file of the script to give your voice over artist some tips for an extra $5

I can’t wait to get started on your script!

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