I will give you about 2 GB of video backgrounds for $5

give you about 2 GB of  video backgrounds
give you about 2 GB of  video backgrounds

About This Gig

I will supply you with about 2 GB HD videos backgrounds and free royalty music using your favorite music in your clips can get you into hot water.  That latest Justin Beiber song might be perfect for your movie, but it can also get your upload or account banned from sites like YouTube, and even get you sued!

 Thats why we put together a collection of royalty free music that you can use in your videos and we will give you collection of HD backgrounds can be used as cutaways, or as backgrounds behind text and other images.I possess a massive range of premium quality . royalty free , open to the public online site audio music files that you could accustomed to animate any video clips , improve any project , or easier alter , 100% legitimately , without having any limitations in anyway 

 All videos in the collection are royalty free, and can be used in all your videos.  Backgrounds include country scenes, water, city scenes, space, and abstract animations.

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