I will master Your Song Professionally

master Your Song Professionally
master Your Song Professionally

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Description Master Your Song Stem Master Your Song Mix And Master Your Song For Radio
  I will master your song to sound radio ready! I will master your song's stems with my professional analog gear! (See FAQ below) I will mix and master your song professionally using all of my digital and analog gear!
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About This Gig

Does your music lack the punch and life that it deserves?  I'm happy to help!  I am a professional Pro Tools Certified engineer and producer that can take your music to the next level.

I started recording on an old 4 track tape recorded and have since worked out of multiple multi-million dollar facilities.  I have all of the analog and digital gear needed to take your tracks to the next level.  Drop me a message for references!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Mastering?
    Mastering is the final finishing touches on a mix to bring it up in volume, add depth and punch, and give it that professional gloss to your sound.
  • I am interested in Gig #2, but what is Stem Mastering?
    Stem Mastering is when I master your songs using the individual stems of your audio. Individual stereo groups such as drums, all guitars, bass, all keys, all vocals, etc. gives me more control over fixing any problems in the mix that may effect mastering.
  • I am brand new to recording, I don't know where to start!!!!
    Don't worry, we all start somewhere. I would most recommend picking up the mixing and mastering gig with the add-on for me to record myself mixing and mastering your song so that I can teach you my techniques. You'll learn a lot and definitely be able to take on your mixes to the next level!
  • Do you have references?
    Certainly! Shoot me a message and I'll send them right over!