I will provide Spanish tutoring services

provide Spanish tutoring services

About This Gig

I will provide Spanish tutoring services.  I am a native Latin America (Mexico) Spanish speaker.  I am very well versed in the culture.  I understand the idioms and the connotation of the words.  I have ample translation and interpretation experience.  I am versed in the English language and culture as well.  This gig  is targeted towards those that are English speaking and would like to learn Spanish.  You will be responsible for purchasing a course and a textbook.  A combination of a course, a textbook and a native speaker tutor will help you learn more efficiently.  I will be available to answer questions, provide feedback, provide cultural insight, carry on a conversation in Spanish, help you understand the grammar, help you build vocabulary and help you understand verb conjugation.  I am your tutor; I am a resource in addition to your course and textbook.

This gig is for a one 1 hour session; if you wish to have more sessions, please order additional gigs.  If you are willing to commit to at lest 6 sessions, contact me directly for a discounted price.

I will use a service such as Skype to deliver my service.  Please contact me for scheduling.

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Spanish Tutoring

I will provide Spanish tutoring services.